It’s been almost six years since this picture captured by me.
I felt so innocent at that time,
Pure and little.
Didn’t know what the purpose of life accurately.
Doing life without afraid of everything.
Being teenager like others,
Loving music, books, movies, etc.
Dreamed of something cool at that moment.
Tried so hard to get lots of achievement at school to make my parent proud.
Even there are many people degraded me so hard.
I’ve been growing up now.
I’ve made a huge transformation, I guess.
I hope and feel like it’s better.
A girl had changed into a woman.
Time flied expeditiously.
I’ve been having wonderful changes like my said said, “you changed in a good way”.
Meeting diverse of featuring people.
Passing trough many ways.
I’m so thankful for things I learned in the past.
It gave me meaning where I learned how to sequence my life into better.
Retaining attacks from many ways.
I couldn’t retrieved time I’d passed, but…
God, lead me to do the best for best future.
Since I understand that the results won’t ever betray the process. I still try my best.

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