A woman in dark blue entered the place they had chosen. She was wearing her favorite blue scarf.

She just came for a cup of caffeine, and for an old friend of hers. “Hello” she said, with her distinctive relocated voice. Her hair was soaked wet.

She set her mind on it.

Smile of a man came from the corner of his face as if he already replied her hello.

The man, well-known personality judges in the city, had sat for plenty of time but he didn’t look angry at all.

“Haven’t I made you waiting too long, sweetheart?” She smiled. She started to open the conversation and tried to make it feel as warm as it was.”Not at all” he only said.

She sighed. She was nervous for making this occasion again. It has been really long time.

They looked each other, just like they were doing, “May I order you the usual?” He asked.

“My usual?”
“Just like a sentence you wrote to me, ‘the best thing I’ve ever tasted is my dearest medium cappuccino’, remember?” He laughed so did she.

“I don’t think you will remember that, it was just a little thing” she replied.

“I’ll take two, gonna judge those cups with you, and I also remember you liked to discuss those caffeine drink after you tasted it”.

She nodded and smiled.


There was no conversion during waiting the order.
Till the women asked, “How was life?”

“Not bad, something happened for so long preparation, I guess, I’ve got many things I’ve ever expected including this moment.”

She was astonished, “Have you?”.

He interrupted, “I had never expected to meet you, I mean, how could I? Anyway, how was yours?”

“My husband and I just bought a new house near the beach, we hope to expect a new primary baby born there”.

He glazed her hand stroking stomach for a while.

Cups of coffee came, the waitress put them on their table.

He was smiling, “It’s very impressive . Hopefully, both of you will not forget about doctor and equipment for help”, she frowned “Of course!”.
They laughed.

It seemed like they forget about the coffee and plan about discussing it.


“I believe, I must congratulate you, then.”
He paused before he said, “it must be the reason why you look happier”.

“Thanks”, she responded, there was a great feeling in her chest, a painful strange feeling.

What was this? Why did she feel that resentful feeling — it was forbidden.

What was happening to her brain. Like she whispered to herself, “please, stop it, I can handle that!”.

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He chuckled a little, “I have mine too, it’s about three months later.”

“What is that?” She didn’t understand, her hands suddenly trembling.

“Me and my fiance..” He paused again, stared at her face, “we’re going to live in America and before that we will getting married on June. Really hope you can come to cheer us up”.

She was shrunken and bit of shock.

The last time they met, he said never to leave her and find another better than her.

But, as we know, life is about changes included lives, feeling, destination etc.
Looking at them, the change was transformed them into another personal ones.

She said, “wonderful, she’s so lucky. I’ll come if you want me to”.

She signed. “I don’t know that you keep it as a secret. Never been talking to anyone. Seems like you’re enjoying your life without telling others what happened.” The smile was coming over in her voice.

He said, “no, it’s too much, I’m simply concerned that it can be good for being like that. Equitable price for being a quiet man. She waves me hay for you”.

She laughed, “hello, then. Anyway, we have to try these on!” She pointed to two cups of coffee.



“It is such a heavy rain, right, I’m sorry for your hair” he chunked.

He changed the subject, she knew. Whatever related to that sensitive one was forbidden. He was sensitive about it, either did she. He probably tried to make this session, which was once in a blue moon, more attractive without saying some accidents happened in past that everybody used to talk when they meet friend from the past.

For their little occasion that day was not the right time, so they would be forget about that and made new life as good friends—or should she call him, her friend?

I guess, she would be failed.

For her, by taking him here, she killed two birds with one stone. About meeting him and trying to figure something out to solve their problems at once. She asked for him to come. She wanted this table, this cafe for this. The rain ruined everything, her hair, her heart. The thunder and gleam were hard. She made a tear.

“Never mind! Never been so happy to see you, Sam”, she replied. She wiped her tears.

Yes! That man was Sam, and this beautiful young lady was Jena.

“Jena, are you alright?” He stopped doing something and saw those two eyes of hers were in tear. She wiped over him,

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“I don’t know what I had done to myself, stupid little girl! It’s not suitable for me to be here” She tried to speak with her restricted voice. He gazed on her for long time, without any words said.

By the time rain covered their atmosphere, his phone was ringing. He picked it up. “Excuse me!”, he ran to the bathroom. She nodded.


The car accident.

She was in a car accident a few minute ago. His fiance. He was shocked. His hand closed his mouth and everything seemed darker. Someone called him to tell how hard the crash she had. He must leave this place and come for her as soon as possible, no matter what.

“Jena, I have to go. Luna was in a car accident. She’s in a hospital. I… I have to go.” His face turned pale excessively. Jena saw it, his eyes indicated how many love he has for her Luna. For god sake! He truly loved that woman. For a moment, she thought that Luna was so lucky to have Sam in stead of sad news came in front of her.

“Oh my god! I hope she’ll be okay.” she hugged him.

“Thanks, dear. You, too.” He jumped into the rain, ran to his car without any words behind. He was gone as well as the the door shunted. Silence came. Those two coffee, they ordered, were cold enough just the way the situation was.

It was Jena. Alone. “What do you think you’re doing, stupid!” She said to herself, paid the bill and ran out of this cafe. Shutting the door with a huge ambition to tell him much stuff she put up with.

She cried to him who was running to his car,”Sam!” She ran trough the rain. She didn’t care, she couldn’t help it anymore.

He turned back, lift the umbrella up. He was in tear, never been that bad news.

“I’m sorry to your fiance, but I gotta tell something for a minute that… you are a small thing bought me here. I envy you, you’re prosperous without me. Look at you, you felt in love again. I’m sick of people saying that I moved on and pretending all the time that I am fine with all that! You know what! I can’t and I will not, I’m sorry to say that,” she said.

She screamed, “please, don’t do that again.” He could not even say a word, he needed to go. All thing he was thinking is her fiance.

The end.

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