Everything seemed unreal, but the woman in black who was staring at the mirror was real. She was silent and solemn to her own reflection.
Her closed mouth and teary eyes indicated her feeling at that time.
The left hand of hers hold a handful of flowers, honestly it was really a beautiful one.
She had never been in either love or pain, she thought.
So many thoughts crowded into her mind.
What was this, or what was that?
She seemed about to speak, but still she said nothing.
She had been standing in front of a mirror waiting for a couple of time, like seeing something out, but she didn’t get any one.
The mirror looked terrible, so the reflection was.
Her make up was faded, the mascaras went to flood her cheeks.

That was a really elaborate night.
She wished it would be filled with a full of contentment that would grow greater.
The reality was not respectably good.
Such a reserved woman.
She looked distressed, yet she still looked to have a passionate to revive.
She declined a repentance of hers.
She has been reconciled to the past she was doing unwell.
She felt like the universe could not have made her the offer of its hand.
She recognized by herself. Only by herself.
Solemnly she said, “It’s never enough!”.
She was alone and her words was for no one, or precisely to god she had never believed in.
To settle down was her dream.
Yet, that night had been changed everything inside of her brain, even for that dream.
She had been a princess without a prince.

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