Then, she had realized one thing,
At one biggest moment,
After she wiped her tears.
When her sobbing had desisted.
It was not worth it to her.
When she was crying,
She’s been realizing that she is so much better than the problems that fetter her to date.
Even she was being silent at that time,
As if nothing happened with her feeling.
But she actually was hurt by someone who came and gone at will. Her friends, families, a lover.

She has been healing with strength of soul that is poured out by Him.
She has Him, as the best soul reinforcement.
She has been rescuing by Him to the healing of human problems which are caused by human as well.

She is fine nowadays.
In the corner of her smile, she whispers, “hey problems, I’d passing you then, in a good way with a good stable situation, God helps me a lots.”

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