For all people whose L in their name,
For lots of sentences included the L letter in.
The number twelve from the alphabet.
Many biggest important words with L letter in,
Like… Life, luck, liberty till love.
Let’s take one,
A love word.
What is love?
Is it something we make by ourselves?
Or people create it to be?
Love is a simply word with difficult interpretation.
Many people get lost on that translation.
As the human rights, we can choose the best version of our love word definition.
But for me and my faith, love aims only to our Greatest who have made it.
Love becomes the base of the most basic element to trust our Creator.
Because love with misappropriation action makes us misguided and it can broke our foundation in faith.
If we choose the wrong way to love, we also choose the wrong way of trust and also our faith.

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